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Rug cleaning is a necessary step in keeping your rugs beautiful and long-lasting. Rug cleaning services are especially popular when you need to spruce up an old rug or clean out stains. But, there are many myths about rug cleaning best practices that may lead to damage to your expensive rugs.

However, if you do not take proper care of your rug cleaning it regularly, the fibers could become damaged and shortened. This would mean that you will need to get your rug professionally cleaned more often than expected in the long term. Rug cleaning is important for both preventing future damage and maintaining the appearance of your rug in its best possible condition.

Misconceptions About Rug Cleaning

Here’s the truth behind some common rug care misconceptions.

Myth: Rug cleaning is a one-time affair.

Fact: Rug cleaning should be done on a regular basis, especially if you have pets or children. Weekly or monthly cleanings can help to prevent spills and dirt from building up over time.

Myth: Rug cleaning will damage the rug’s colors.

Fact: Rug cleaning should not damage the colors in your rugs. Rug cleaners that are worth their mettle will use a dry-water method to remove deep dirt and grime without ruining the dyes in your rug. Make sure to ask your cleaner which chemicals they use before you let them near your rug.

Myth: Rug steam cleaning or Rug shampooing is good enough.

Fact: Rug shampooing and Rug steam cleaning are not as effective as Rug dry-water cleaning. Rug shampooers use water, detergents, and brushes to clean the rug by “shampooing” it. This process leaves your rugs wet and clean, but they can suffer from discoloration if the water isn’t removed properly. Rug steam cleaners use heat, chemicals, and agitation to clean your rugs, but they are not as thorough. Rug dry-water cleaning uses low moisture to remove dirt without leaving the rug wet or causing damage to the dyes in the fibers of the rug.

Myth: Rug dye runs when it gets wet.

Fact: Rug dye will not run when it gets wet if the rugs are properly cleaned and maintained. Rug dye is only susceptible to running if it is not cleaned on a regular basis or if it is exposed to moisture for an extended period of time.

Exhaustive Washing

We are at Montgomery Carpet Cleaners determined to give you a healthy home environment by cleaning your carpets with selected detergents and disinfectants that ensure no future bacteria exposure. We take care of your carpet by removing stains, dust mites, and dander thus prolonging the life of your carpet. Our dry cleaning and steam cleaning depend on the degree of soil in your carpets. Having a dirty carpet around your house could also result in respiratory problems.

Time Sensitive and Convenient

We offer you convenience with your furniture taking care of all the details in carpet cleaning that you would have missed in your daily cleaning exercises. Regular vacuuming takes care of a portion of the carpet dirt but debris like pet hair and food crumbs encodes deeply into the carpet’s fiber. Our professional carpet cleaning services assure you thatch stubborn dirt we neutralize and remove, nog even a cat’s hair remains on the carpet during our cleaning. Our services aim to revamp the look of your house or office and in all we do we take care of your property. We finish up our work in a short time so that you do not incur a lot of inconveniences that other carpet cleaners would give you by staying at your premises the whole day.

How Montgomery Carpet Cleaners Clean Your Rugs

Our Rug Cleaning Process is simple but effective. We start by inspecting the rug to see what kind of cleaning it needs. From there, we determine the best method for cleaning it.

We use a variety of methods for Rug Cleaning, including steam cleaning, shampooing, and dry cleaning. We also use a variety of equipment, including Rug Cleaning Brushes, Rug Cleaning Machine (for Rug Steam Cleaning), Rug Cleaning Extractor, Rug Cleaner Nozzle (for Rug Shampoo Cleaning Process), Rug Cleaning Pads (for Rug Dry Cleaners Machine), and Rug Deodorizers.

One of the most important factors with Rug Steam Cleaning is the Rug Cleaner Nozzle. The Rug Cleaning Nozzle sprays Rug Detergent, Rug Deodorizers, Rug Shampoo, and other Rug Cleaning Solutions on the Rug to help break down dirt and stains.

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