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At Montgomery Carpet Cleaners, our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services focus on clearing out all the seen and unseen problems faced by you on a daily basis. Ranging from carpet stains to bacteria rooted in the cloth fibers, we provide the most thorough clean-up by using the latest technology. This way, we can ensure that you lead a happy and healthy life.

Why You Need Us:

While a routine cleaning seems like it’s doing the job, there are many problems that go by undetected. Without a professional clean-up job, much of the bacteria in carpet and upholstery fibers continues to flourish. This is because the vacuum just doesn’t have the power to do away with them. As a result, they can lead to the premature aging of carpets, thereby reducing their product life. Moreover, these bacteria can also exacerbate the onset of breathing problems such as asthma, as well as give rise to allergens. So in order to stay safe, healthy, and happy in your own home, just fill out our service request form today, and we will be on our way!

What We Can Do:

Our equipment is especially suited to remove the bacteria within carpets and upholstery, eliminate stains, and create a healthy living environment. We first neutralize these microscopic vermin and then remove them. After this, we add a layer of protective sealant that keeps your property safe from future bacterial exposure.

Our Cleaning Standards:

Dry Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service that will not only clean your carpets but also leave them dry and ready to use almost immediately, then you should consider our dry carpet cleaning service. These services use special equipment that extracts the dirt and dust from your carpets without the use of any water. This means that there is no moisture left in the carpet to leave it soggy and damp. The end result is cleaner and drier carpets that can be used almost immediately after the cleaning process has been completed.

A dry carpet cleaning service also provides many additional benefits. For example, your home will not experience that damp musty smell, caused by water left in the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

At Montgomery Carpet Cleaners, we use a steam cleaning method that’s safe for the environment, your home, and your family. Steam cleaning uses hot water in a special machine that injects it deep into carpet fibers where dirt and residues are removed without the risk of damage caused by dry ice or chemical treatment.

Anti-Microbial Cleaning

In addition to steam cleaning, Montgomery Carpet Cleaners also offers anti-microbial cleaning. This deep-cleaning method uses a safe and effective disinfectant that eliminates bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from your carpets.

If you’re concerned about the health of your family and want to ensure that your carpets are as clean

The Professional Touch:

We are a team of skilled professionals, and that means that we know all the little tricks and hacks, and we do them better than you. This is for one reason alone: experience. So whether you need to clean that delicate lace tablecloth or remove a stubborn stain off the carpet, we can get this done with our eyes closed. And what’s more, we can do this without running the risk of damaging the fabric in the least because we have done it a thousand times before. So when you come to us, there is virtually no risk of your property being damaged.

Our Services:

We maintain the highest standards of efficiency for all our services. Since we understand the importance of a clean home, we also offer you competitive prices on all that you may require. Simply fill out our service request form, and pave the way for a cleaner and healthier home today!